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Date Version Changelog
15-10-26 1.69
  • Added get_annotation_before and after functions: get_annotation_data_after_times() get_annotation_data_before_times() get_ref_annotation_data_after_times() get_ref_annotation_data_before_times()
15-08-02 1.6
  • Tiers are kept in order.
  • Readme now inline rst.
15-07-29 1.59
  • Added some ref annotations functions.
  • get_ref_annotation_data_between_times()
  • remove_ref_annotation()
  • remove_annotation() now also removes ref annotations
  • child_tiers_for() renamed to get_child_tiers_for(). Note that the old name is still usable
  • Reordered the test alphabetically and added tests for the new functions.
15-07-27 1.5
  • Support for Eaf 2.7
15-07-20 1.49
  • Fixed unicode bug in Elan for tiernames
  • Added return names in merge_tier() and filter_annotations()
  • Make timeslot parsing and generation more robuust
  • Cleaned up some code
15-06-16 1.4
  • Fixed unicode bugs in Praat
  • Removed from/to stream and updated test module
  • Removed read and write from stdin/out in Praat
  • Better python3 code in Praat and refactored tofile
  • Made UTF-8 default for Praat reading
  • Fixed a bug in the creation of new textgrids with bounds outside the file
  • Added option to skip empty annotations in Praat to Elan conversion. Note that empty annotations will always be parsed from TextGrid but they are generated just in time for writing. This flag therefore only makes sense when converting textgrids written to disk and read back to elan
15-03-19 1.39
  • Simplified Praat code
  • Simplified Elan code
15-02-05 1.3a
  • Fixed a small unicode bug in Elan.py
  • Added information for developing
15-01-21 1.3
  • Sort tier function for praat tiers
  • Faster TextGrid constructor with itertools
  • Binary TextGrid support
  • Short TextGrid support
14-11-20 1.29
  • Import chat files to elan files.
  • Added some example scripts that portay possible things you can do with the package and can be used as possible templates.
  • Fixed a non fatal bug about constraints.
  • Internal update for textgrids, tiers don’t know their number anymore, numbers are inherited from index in the array.
  • Python 3 support.
14-11-13 1.2
  • Bugfixes.
  • Changed the names of the insert functions, the old names are still usable. But the preferable method is to use the new functions: add_annotation() and add_ref_annotation().
  • Added controlled vocabulary functions:
    • add_controlled_vocabulary()
    • add_cv_entry()
    • add_cv_description()
    • get_controlled_vocabulary_names()
    • get_cv_entries()
    • get_cv_descriptions()
    • remove_controlled_vocabulary()
    • remove_cv_entry()
    • remove_cv_description()
  • Added external reference functions:
    • add_external_ref()
    • get_external_ref_names()
    • get_external_ref()
    • remove_external_ref()
  • Added lexicon reference functions:
    • add_lexicon_ref()
    • get_lexicon_ref_names()
    • get_lexicon_ref()
    • remove_lexicon_ref()
14-11-12 1.19
  • Locale functions added: add_locale(), remove_locale() and get_locales().
  • add_tier() extended so that you can only assign a locale to a tier when the locale is available, if not no locale will be assigned.
  • Language functions added: add_language(), remove_language() and get_languages().
  • add_tier() extended so that you can only assign a language to a tier when the language is available, if not no language will be assigned.
  • Property functions added: add_property(), remove_property() and get_properties().
  • Property functions added: add_license(), remove_license() and get_licenses().
  • File io in the elan class is now testable, this will require the lxml library. It uses a sample file that includes almost all data structures possible.
  • Added a rename tier function: rename_tier().
  • Updated how to cite with bibtex.
14-10-17 1.1a
  • Fixed bugs in ref annotations.
  • Updated repo description.
14-10-17 1.1
  • Faster filter_annotions functions
  • to_textgrid unit test and added regex option
  • Rewritten the gaps and overlaps function, the method is now different, if you want to use the exact heldner and edlund method you can still use get_gaps_and_overlaps(). If you want to benefit from speed you can use get_gaps_and_overlaps2(). They yield almost the same result but the second one is almost 10 times faster.
  • Added two new functions for adding and viewing secondary linked files: get_secondary_linked_files() and add_secondary_linked_file().
  • Added two functions to remove linked files: remove_linked_files() and remove_secondary_linked_files()
  • Added get_ref_annotation_at_time() for finer control over ref annotations.
  • Adapted insert_ref_annotation() to work with the other ref annotation functions
  • Adapted get_ref_annotation_data_for_tier() so that it returns more information, check the documentation for the exact specification.
  • After contact with the elan programmers we’ve dumbed down the id generation so everything is much faster for big files. Analysis with kcachegrind made everything almost ten times faster.
  • Added on how to cite.
  • Even faster merge tiers.
  • Used cElementTree instead of ElementTree for more speed.
  • Extract function is now also tested.
  • Added safe option for merging and filtering so that if you eaf is malformed by something else because it has zero length annotations then these will be discarded in a merge or filter.
2014-10-08 1.0
  • Glue annotations is removed(you can get the same functionality by using merge tiers.
  • Merge tiers is rewritten and much faster(plans for using the same algorithm in the gaps and overlaps.
  • Unit tests for all classes.
  • Reference annotations work but not very usable, this is on the todo list.
  • Idem for controlled vocabularies.
  • Shift annotations now returns a tuple of lists instead of an entire eaf object.
  • get_annotation_datas_between_times is renamed to get_annotation_data_between_times.
  • Filter annotations now has a regex option.
  • TextGrid constructor now requires xmax for creating a new TextGrid.
  • Added a parameter dict function for linguistic types.
  • Changed the function name: get_linguistic_types to get_linguistic_type_names.
  • Added todo section for list of things that don’t have unit tests yet(or incomplete ones) or for things that are to be implemented.
  • Fixed typo in the to_textgrid function.
2014-09-26 0.99a Unit tests for Praat finished and Praat module is on version 1.0, meaning no api changes in the future that break compatibility
2014-09-11 0.99 Unit tests for Praat and Elan and from version 1.0 no api changes.
2014-08-06 0.91d New documentation format(sphinx) and github pages.
2014-07-17 0.91 Controlled vocabularies (eaf file format 2.8) added and quickly tested.
2014-07-16 0.9 Added support for licences(eaf file format 2.8) and planned extended controlled vocabulary support.
2014-07-09 0.7 Changed the style to pep8 and thus some functions (read all) have changed name.
2014-03-24   Fixed a lot of TextGrid bugs and have written a better parser using more regexp.
2014-02-17   Started branching and fixed a few bugs.
2014-02-03   Fixed the praat tofile function so that it writes silence intervals (that praat convention).
2014-01-27   Added documentation via pdoc in html and cleaned up some documentation in EafIO.py.
2013-12-02   IO is now in a different file, the old tofile is removed because the new one is much better.
2013-11-15   Rewritten the tofile function, the old function is a bit faster but less reliable. The old function can still be used by using tofileOLD().


Mart Lubbers(mart at martlubbers.net)

Supervision: Francisco Toreirra(francisco.torreira at mpi.nl)